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Hot stone massage

      Using heated Basalt lava stones as tools, your massage therapist will massage areas of tension and tightness in your body. The hot stones apply heat to the specific parts of your body and cause your muscles to relax.  Stones may also be placed on various parts of your body for placement therapy.

Thermalpalms massage

      Similar to hot stones, thermal palms uses soft hand-held heated sachets  of rolled oats that cushion and contour to mold around bones and joints  during massage


Benefits can aid client with any of the following:

  • Relief from chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Reduced stress and tension

  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility

  • Muscle pain, stiffness and spasm relief

  • Improved circulation

  • Deep relaxation

  • promotes healing

  • Improving immune system functioning

  • Increasing lymphatic drainage

  • Reducing depression and anxiety

  • Increasing body awareness

  • May promote sleep

  • May boost your immune system

  • Aid in Detoxification of the body.

  • Benefits of deep tissue work with minimal discomfort.

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